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Do you have a street rod that could use an exhaust upgrade? Do you have a project car that needs that finishing touch and no off-the-shelf headers are available? We have you covered, we can custom build you a Speedwerx Performance Exhaust Header package that will fit your needs. Our custom header packages start at $695.00 for mild steel, stainless steel packages start at $1695.00. Give us a call with any questions you may have or bring your car in so we can give you an exact price quote.

RACE CAR HEADERS -  Scroll to the bottom for some of our applications- please call us if your car is not shown!

Speedwerx Performance Exhaust Headers are proven to be better than the competition on the dyno and on the track! You can rely on our 20+ years of experience of manufacturing exhaust- built by racers, for racers! We specialize in Tri-Y and 4-into-1 design headers that add serious torque and horsepower with our three stage stepped equal length primary tubes and machined merge collectors or precision cut standard collectors, but we also have custom designs and fits available to meet the needs of any engine builder, racer, or sanction/track class rules. All headers have TIG welded tube joints, and the Stainless Steel headers are purge welded for the smoothest finish inside. The tube to flange joints are fully welded on the inside and then are contour blended by hand into the tube- the end result looks much like a ported cylinder head for a smooth transition from the exhaust port into the header with minimal disruption to the exhaust flow. We pride ourselves on the fit and finish too, so not only do you get the best performing product but you get the best looking product and hassle-free installation as well. Last but not least, all Speedwerx Performance Exhaust Headers are 100% Made in the USA!

Some of the options we offer:

  • - Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
  • - Tri-Y or 4-Into-1
  • - Merge Collectors or Standard Collectors
  • - Stepped Tube Design or Single Diameter
  • - Tube Diameters / Lengths optimized for Engine Size/HP
  • - Flanges to match any Brand/Model Cylinder Head
  • - Headers for Open, Spec, or Concept Engines
  • - GM Crate Motor Headers 602 - 604 - 525
  • - Turn Downs or Mufflers Installed
  • - Electroless Nickel Plating
  • - Ceramic Coating

Prices start at:
IMCA Legal Headers $795
4-into-1 Headers $895
Tri-Y Headers $995
Stainless Tri-Y $2095

- Highest HP on Late Model package at Pro Power Engines.
- Midwest Mod Highest Ford HP seen at R&R Performance (Independent Dyno).
- A-Mod Highest Overall HP (Chevy, Mopar and Ford) seen at R&R Performance (Independent Dyno).

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Hundreds of Feature Wins by top drivers across all Sanctions- World of Outlaws, Lucas Oil Series, UMP, USMTS, USRA, IMCA, WISSOTA, NASCAR, and More!

- Late Model- Jimmy Mars, Tim McCreadie, Jason Feger, Brian Shirley, Chris Simpson, Chad Simpson, Frank Heckenast, Ryan Unzicker, Jackie Boggs, AJ Diemel, Pat Doar, Jason Krohn, Aaron Krohn, Jesse Glenz, Aaron Turnbull, Jason Rauen, John Kaanta, Dave Smith, Matt Smith, Jake Redetzke, Darrell Nelson, Travis Budisalovich, Mark Hessler, Mike Keller, Mike Prochnow, David McDonald, Christopher Engels, Nick Anvelink, Casey Meyer

- Modified- Jordan Grabouski, Dan Ebert, Dylan Smith, Dave Cain, Joey Jensen, Shane Sabraski, Zane DeVillbiss, Jason Krohn, Jason Gross, Travis Saurer, Jeremy Nelson, Jackie Boggs, Cory Crapser, Tom Silver, Aaron Krohn, Jesse Glenz, Jody Bellefeuille, Mark Gerth, Mark Esala, Brandon Jensen, Bill Byholm, Tanner Byholm, Dustin Bitzan, Mike Wedelstadt, Mike Gibson, Nick Musel, Mike Stearns, Seth Brede, Dale Mathison, Darrell Nelson, Jacob Bleess, Jeffrey Lien Jr., Jake Timm, Mike Maschl, Lucas Schott, Cory Bruggeman, Matt Gilbertson, Paul Wrazidlo, Rick Rivord, Deven VanHouse, Jake Hiatt, Mark Hessler, Zach Johnson, David McDonald, Tyler McDonald, Alex Guthmiller, Brad Loveday, Trent Loverude, Ervin Vance, Dustin Sorensen, DJ Shannon, Josh Angst, Donnie Shipp, Bob Moore, Brandon Conkwright, Justin Cady, Dustin Cady, Clint Hatlestad, Tyler Limoges

- B-Mod- Jeremy Nelson, Mitch Weiss, Travis Saurer, Mike Gibson, Mark Thomas, Doug Toepper, Ben Moudry, Dan Hovden, Cody Lee, Haley Lee, Jerry Young, Tom Silver, Kyle Steffen, Tony Bahr, Deven VanHouse, Cody Carlson, Jason Haugerud, David Mastell, Justin Weinberger, Lucas Rodin

-Other Divisions- Ryan Bowers (360 Winged Sprint), Shane Sabraski (Super Stock), Ben Johnson (Super Stock), Brian Lick (Super Stock), Dustin Enns (Super Truck), Devin Smith (Stock Car), David Brandies (Stock Car), Kirk Kinsley/Mincer Racing (Stock Car), Tony Bahr (Limited Late Model), Dustin Holtquist (Mod 4), Robert Holtquist (Mod 4), Justin Pogones (Mod 4), Cole Mather (Stock Car), Dan Mackenthun (Stock Car), Matt Speckman (Stock Car)

We have custom designs and fits available for virtually any dirt track Late Model or Modified chassis and engine combination, plus other applications like Super Stock, Stock Car, Mod 4, and more...

If you do not see what you need here on our website, please give us a call at 651-982-6020- new applications are being added all the time, and if necessary we can custom build a set if you bring us the car!

Late Model Chassis- MB Customs, Longhorn, Swartz, Rocket, MasterSbilt, Pierce, Hustler, Barry Wright, Bloomquist, Capital, Club 29, Black Diamond, Victory by Moyer and More!

Modified Chassis- MB Customs, Longhorn, Swartz, GRT, Shaw, Lethal, Taylor, SSR, Skyrocket, Impressive, MasterSbilt, Beak Built, Rage, Pierce, Hughes, Fegers, TRC, J-Car, Fastrack, Elite, Pro, Millenium and More!


SALE ON FORMER DISPLAY MODEL HEADERS! We put some different headers on our display for PRI, so we are selling our previous display units at over 35% off! They may have minor scuffs and scratches from being handled, but they are otherwise new and have never been on a car. Only one set each of these headers are available at the discounted price- Call 651-982-6020 and ask for Doug if you are interested in any of these...

  • GRT-CH-AMOPEN-TY-MS - GRT Modified- Chevy A-Mod Open (Spread Port- 7 Bolt Offset Pattern)- Tri-Y- Mild Steel- Retail $995 – Sale $695

  • SH-CH-AMSPEC-TY-MS – Larry Shaw Modified- Chevy A-Mod Spec (Bowtie/World Products Steel Head)- Tri-Y- Mild Steel- with Muffler Inserts- Retail $1075 – Sale $750

  • MC-CH-AMOPEN-TY-SS – MB Custom Modified – Chevy A-Mod Open (Large CI- 18°-23°, 6 Bolt Pattern)- Tri-Y- Stainless Steel- with Muffler Inserts- Retail $2175 - Sale $ 1295

  • MC-FRD-AMSPEC-TY-SS – MB Custom Modified – Ford A-Mod Spec (N351/Brodix Spec Heads- 2.75" bolt spacing)- Tri-Y- Stainless Steel- with Muffler Inserts- Retail $2175 - Sale $ 1295

  • CAP-CH-525CRATE-TY-MS-NP – Capital Late Model- Chevy 525 Crate- Tri-Y- Mild Steel- Nickel Plated- with Muffler Inserts- Retail $1585 – Sale $950



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These items are intended for closed-course competition only. Alternation of emissions-related components can constitute violation of federal and/or state laws. Substantial fines and penalties can result if used for other than closed-course competition use.