Clutch Washers / Shims / TEAM Spring Adapter

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TEAM Primary Clutch Spring Cup Adapter // 2016+ Arctic Cat Models with TEAM Drive Clutch
This spring cup adapter is designed to allow you to run your older style primary springs in the new TEAM drive clutch on 2016 and newer Arctic Cat snowmobiles.
TEAM BOSS Driven Clutch Delrin Washers // 2016+ Arctic Cat Snowmobile / Wildcat XX
SKU: 930651
The secondary spring has to rotate in the spider as the clutch shifts. You can greatly reduce the scrubbing friction of the spring with the Delrin washer kit. Sold in a pack of 3.
Speedwerx Clutch Spring Life Washer // Arctic Cat Snowmobile and Wildcat
Recommended for performance and racing applications, these washers improve spring life by reducing the risk of the spring binding as they naturally will try to rotate as they are compressed. Available in Steel or Nylon.
Primary Clutch Spider and Post Shims // Arctic 6 Post and TEAM Clutches
Price varies based on options.
These shims will help you dial in your race setup or adjust your belt spacing. Various sizes available for Arctic 6 Post and TEAM Rapid Response clutches.
Arctic Spider Shims:
Arctic Post Shims:
TEAM Spider Shims:
TEAM Post Shims:

These items are intended for closed-course competition only. Alternation of emissions-related components can constitute violation of federal and/or state laws. Substantial fines and penalties can result if used for other than closed-course competition use.