Speedwerx Performance Exhaust Headers
Dirt Dollars Contingency Awards Program

-Dirt Dollars Contingency Awards Application Process:

Step 1. Complete the online application form below.

Note: This form is for the initial application that only needs to be completed once! Click here for the win submission form-

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Step 2.
Once we receive and verify your information, you will then be enrolled in the Dirt Dollars program! If you did not already have Speedwerx decals installed or included in your graphics wrap and photos of them sent with the initial registration, we will send the Speedwerx decals if requested or you can go here to download the logos if you wish to incorporate them in your graphics wrap- Once you have the decals or logos on your car, you may upload those photos with your first win submission.  

Program Contact:

Brent Rasmussen

Speedwerx, Inc.

20195 Greystone Ave.

Forest Lake, MN 55025

Phone 651-982-6020 | Fax 651-982-0630 | |


*Speedwerx reserves the right to change the terms of this program at any time, and drivers or teams may be deemed ineligible for the program and contigincies revoked for unprofessional conduct on or off the track. Submitted images must not be copyrighted, and we must be free to use them as we see fit for promotional purposes. Program participants may not display logos from other exhaust manufacturers unless required by sanctioning body or use competitors headers at any time.*

These items are intended for closed-course competition only. Alternation of emissions-related components can constitute violation of federal and/or state laws. Substantial fines and penalties can result if used for other than closed-course competition use.